Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Heavy Duty Locking Mailbox

Gibralter Industries has been a leading manufacturer in the building industry since its beginning in 1972 with focus on quality, excellence, and continuous improvement.  By acquiring the Solar Group they are a leading manufacturer in residential mailboxes.  The  Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Heavy Duty Locking Mailbox is a great example of their solid build design.

Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Heavy Duty Locking Mailbox

Price Range: $140 – $150

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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Dimensions:14-Inches by 11-inches by 18-inches

Commercial-grade anti-pick lock

Black galvanized steel

Postmaster approved

Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Heavy Duty Locking Mailbox Product Description

The Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Locking Mailbox was engineered with protection against stolen mail (and identity theft) in mind.  So it has to be strong AND tamper proof.    Identity theft can happen to anyone and this heavy duty, locking security mailbox is designed with your safety in mind.  Looks indestructible to deter thieves.

Construction includes  heavy gauge galvanized steel to withstand vandals and the elements.  Features  a commercial-grade anti-pick lock.

For your mail, this mailbox has a generous, extra large capacity which will hold several days worth of mail.  Looks simple, not fancy, and even imposing with textured black finish.

Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Locking Mailbox PROS AND CONS


  • Large enough to fit a lot of mail
  • Waterproof and sealed well
  • Feels very solid and strong – able to weather natural and “man-made” elements


  • No mounting hardware included.  And even if you buy the post, be warned the bolts may not fit the pre-drilled holes – may take a bit of elbow grease on your part
  • Make sure to inspect mailbox upon receipt for broken rivets and other types of “quality control” assembly items.

The few “gotcha” points: may be inconvenient to mount and you will want to do an initial inspection on the rivets other assembly points.  That is one reason Architectural Mailboxes is still our number one choice as they are thorough from beginning to end with their mailboxes.  That being said, if you are handy with a drill and screws and don’t mind checking your mailbox over upon receipt, then you can save yourself some money getting the Gibraltar LPMSKOB01 Solar Parkview Locking Mailbox.  Comparable durability and engineering in both material and design.

What Buyers Are Saying

“Nice looking, sturdy mailbox. Will hold lots of mail. We can go away for a day or two and not worry about mail sitting in the box (and not have to notify anyone we will be away). The only reason we gave this four stars instead of five — if it was a little longer it would be better. Some larger envelopes do not drop down all the way…(READ MORE)”

“Installed this mailbox about a week ago. Seems strong, holds a lot. Only drawback is that no hardware was provided for mounting on a 4×4 post. If you buy the recommended steel post you get mounting hardware but if not, you better be a decent do-it-yourselfer or you’re going to have trouble. … (READ MORE)”

“We needed a locked mailbox due to theft in the area and searched and searched for one. This is the largest we could find. We love it, BUT there are some issues. Where mail is entered in is not big enough for boxes and if the mailcarrier does not push the mail all the way in, then the mail still hangs up in the delivery slot. We did not order the pole that comes with it, but used the one we had. My husband had to drill new holes, but we got it on there. Other than those two things, we love the security and peace of mind it gives. Mail will also stay dry. … (READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars.

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