Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Large Vertical Wall Mount Locking Mailbox

Gibraltar Industries has been a leading manufacturer for forty years with a focus on quality and excellence. With is acquisition of the well known Solar Group, Gibraltar is the current leading manufacturer of residential mailboxes. Here we look at the current top selling locking mailbox, the Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Large Vertical Wall Mount Locking Mailbox.

Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Large Vertical Wall Mount Locking MailboxPrice Range: $25 – $35

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Heavy Duty concealed Cam Lock with two Keys

Fits Large capacity Magazines (laid flat)

Long lasting Powder Coat finish

Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel

Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Large Vertical Wall Mount Locking Mailbox Product Description

This Solar Group Designer lockable wall mount mailbox is made of quality heavy-duty galvanized steel for protecting your mail. The cam lock is concealed and has two keys for convenience. Features a protective and decorative durable black powder coat finish. The Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Mailbox measures 13.25″ x 10.25″ x 5″, roomy enough to fit your magazines (laid flat).

The box is solidly built and well designed. The lock feature by design, restricts access into the box and it’s contents. Certainly a determined thief could gain access to the locked box in a minute or two, but the lock is solid enough deter the curious or casual thief.

Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Wall Mount Locking Mailbox PROS AND CONS


  • It’s very large so it holds a lot of mail and magazines.
  • Attractive look and design
  • Easy installation
  • Great construction, should hold up well under weather conditions
  • Price is super low, usually can be found under $50 whereas most locking mailboxes (or mailboxes in general) are priced higher, usually $100 and above.


  • Lock is mostly for deterrent purposes, don’t rely on it for protection
  • The optional “Mail” decal looks slightly cheesey, many owners do not put it on
  • Screws not included

While the Gibraltar Industries DMVKGV04 Mailbox is not a heavy duty locking mailbox like those manufactured by Architectural Mailboxes, if you’re looking for a simple locking mailbox that can act as a casual deterrant, is solidly built and well designed, and a great price (usually found under $50), this is a great choice and is often the top selling locking mailbox on online retailer Amazon.

What Buyers Are Saying

“This is a solid, attractive mailbox for a very reasonable price. I have a small house and the mailbox does not loom too large on the wall by my front door. But it is roomy enough for periodicals and small boxes. I am not using the locking feature, but can see where that would come in handy in areas where mail theft would be worrisome…(READ MORE)”

“It is a very nice looking mail box. Reasonably priced. Would have prefered a more perminant riveted on placard. The security feature is just a deterrant. The whole mailbox would collapse with a good kick. Great for safe neighborhoods mounted by front door. If you are in a high traffic area or high crime area buy something else. I am happy with the purchase…(READ MORE)”

“We puchased this mailbox and have had it up for a few months now. This has a very elegant look to it, can be used with or without the lock in place, and it holds alot of mail. This mailbox enables your mail to be delivered easily without any of it hanging out of your mailbox. Think about that feature alone – that is a good thing. In addition, please Google in “mailboxes” at other retailers, and you may be shocked to see that most mailboxes retail at $175.00 and up. Yes, for a mailbox…(READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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