Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Large Vertical Style Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox

Solar Group adds another entry to its popular line of inexpensive (VERY inexpensive) wall mount locking mailboxes in the  Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Large Vertical Style Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox. Worthy of note: of the top eight bestselling locking mailboxes on Amazon, three entries are basically the same locking mailbox but in three different colors. This is one of them.

Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Large Vertical Style Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox Pic

Price Range: $30 – $45

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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Dimensions: 4.6 x 10.1 x 13.1 inches

Heavy Duty concealed Cam Lock with two Keys

Long lasting Powder Coat finish

Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel

Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Large Vertical Style Lockable Wall Mount Mailbox Product Description

If you are reading some of our other reviews of Solar Group Mailboxes you may think we are sounding like a broken record. Yes, this mailbox is just about identical to the Solar Group DVK00000 and Solar Group DVKW0000 except for appearance. Whereas the other two are either all black (Solar Group DVK00000) or all white (Solar Group DVKW0000), the Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Locking Mailbox has a nice bronze finish with satin nickel lid.

It is a simple and basic wall mount residential locking mailbox that does what it’s supposed to do: take your mail and secure it. Nice heavy-duty galvanized steel construction to weather the elements. Large enough size to lay magazines flat. Decorative Emblem (which most owners do not use). Durable bronze powder coat finish. Features concealed cam lock for security, which should be enough to deter the casual thief.

Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Locking Mailbox PROS AND CONS


  • Simple elegant design with a great protective finish
  • Inexpensive!! This line from Solar Group is about half the price point of most locking mailboxes
  • Heavy duty constructions stands against the elements well
  • Easy to install


  • The emblem is a bit cheesy. It also does not come attached but is stuck on with adhesive which adds to the “cheesiness”. Fortunately, like most owners, you can just choose to toss the emblem.
  • The lock itself does not feel super durable. Again, good for casual deterrant.
  • Mounting screws not included

The Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Locking Mailbox is a very basic no-frills locking residential mailbox.  Fantastic price – tradeoff is the lock which will deter casual thieves. In the end, if your budget doesn’t allow a more serious lock on the mailbox, and you can live with a basic lock, this is a attractive mailbox and is a great deal for the price.

What Buyers Are Saying

“As advertised, quick delivery, replacement of original which lasted 5 years before coating coating came off. Good value for money…(READ MORE)”

“Received the package as promised by Amazon, in good condition and installed it. We are very happy with it. We would recommend it to friends and family… (READ MORE)”

“I am very happy with the size, holds all my mail including magazines. Good quality and very easy to install. Love the style… (READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

Also for more reviews you can check out the reviews of the two sibling mailboxes, the Solar Group DVK00000 and the Solar Group DVKW0000

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars.

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