Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox

Epoch Design is a family-owned business based in Washington State.  For over 20 years, Epoch Design has been designing and distributing quality home products.  While the mostly deal in hardwood furniture, their quality shows in their Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox.  Here is our review:

Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox

Price Range: $160 – $185

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Dimensions: 21 inches by 11.25 inches by 13.75 inches (40 pounds)

Made of 12 and 14 gauge galvanized steel

Stainless Steel hinges

Professional grade tube lock for maximum security

Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox Product Description

When we were researching locking mailboxes, we had not heard of Epoch Design before.  The more we researched them, the more we liked them.  The Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox is a very sturdy mailbox built with quality materials.  Price-wise, it is a fair price considering what you are getting.

The MailBoss locking security mailbox is a great defense against the epidemic of mail theft and identity theft.  Material wise: made of 12 and 14 gauge galvanized steel. Security-wise:  features a patent-pending exclusive anti-pry locking system that is resistant to leveraged entry, and a professional grade tube lock for even more security.  Features durable powder-coated finish available in black, white, granite, or bronze.

Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox PROS AND CONS


  • Very easy to install and mount: patented Fast-Trak Mounting Plate allows   installation on almost any post in a few minutes (though Epoch Design does sell a matching Mailboss mailpost)
  • Locks feel solid: locking access door with commercial grade anti-pick tube lock.  Very serious anti-pry mechanism
  • Very heavy feeling which adds to the feel that this is one sturdy mailbox that won’t get broken into
  • Large capacity, can hold a lot of mail should you go on a trip.
  • Inexpensive for this quality of security and materials


  • Some reviewers say that the construction itself could have been cleaner
  • Larger 10″ by 13″ may hang out the slot
  • Shape of hole and box may allow for “fishing” for mail

Many owners call it the “Fort Knox” of mailboxes. There is no doubt that the Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox feels sturdy and the locking mechanism is top notch.  The main complaints are about craftsmanship itself such as magnets falling loose or screws possibly being loose – little things which can be easily fixed.  The lower price point does not indicate compromise in security.  This is a very good mailbox

What Buyers Are Saying

“We recently had some mail stolen from our street side mailbox and decided to upgrade to a locking mailbox. My wife found this one on the internet and I did some additional research, including watching the you tube videos. This mailbox is everything it is advertised to be. Solid construction, great security features and the mounting system is ingeniously effective and simple. Highly recommended. …(READ MORE)”

” At this price point, this is the only truely secure locking mailbox on the market. Plus, it is simple to install, far easier than most locking boxes. … (READ MORE)”

“Very well made. Your personal information and mail will be safe from thieves. Installation is easy. I suggest buying the mailboss mail post and newspaper holder as well. You’ll have this mailbox for life. I was very satisfied with the mailboss mailbox,post and newspaper holder. Put a light coat of car wax on it to protect it. I was very satisfied with my purchase from Amazon….. (READ MORE)”

* see all reviews here

OVERALL RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

For full details or to buy the Epoch 7106 MailBoss Curbside Locking Mailbox now, click here

Most orders are eligible free shipping.

Source of Buyer Reviews and Description: Amazon.com

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