A New Take On Mail Theft

When we peruse the internet for stories related to locking mailboxes and security mailboxes, it is a bit depressing when most of the stories that show up in our reader have to do with mail theft.

But then again: One of the big reasons to get a security mailbox at your residence is to prevent mail theft.

That being said, watch out as some people will stoop way way way too low.

Reported here in Seattle that people are now taking mail right out of a mailbox with the red flag up (to tell your letter carrier of outgoing mail).

To be vigilant against mail theft, besides getting yourself a security locking mailbox, maybe take a trip somewhere to drop your outgoing mail in a secure location. Maybe make it a part of a daily walk or exercise or just to go out and get out of the house.


Locking Mailboxes Residential Staff

Secure Installation Of Ground Posts For Locking Mailboxes

Locking mailboxes can provide varying levels of security against both human and natural elements.

If you are in the market for a locking mailbox to withstand human elements, not only do you need to consider the mailbox itself but you want to also consider the installation of the mailbox post

Here is a great quick video tip on inground mailbox post installation



Epoch Mailboxes Mailboss vs. The “Human” Element

For ultimate security mailbox protection, the two big bosses are Architectural Mailboxes and Epoch Mailboxes.

And we have to say that after discovering the EpochDesignLLC youtube channel, Epoch seems to be winning. We were slightly put off by some of their video marketing which points out faults in Architectural Mailboxes (kind of like a politician smear campaign) but it does bring to light some truths about both mailboxes.

That being said, we have read owner reviews about how Architectural Mailboxes can withstand even car crashes. Being able to withstand “human” elements is an important security feature

Epoch has posted this video of their Mailboss going up against a baseball bat. Great watching! (We’re going to try to find some car crash videos too!)

Enjoy the video!

FIshing Attempt On The Oasis Jr Architectural Mailbox

One security mailbox feature to consider: does the mailbox withstand fishing attempts?

Here is an example of the Oasis Jr.Mailbox by Architectural Mailboxes and an example of being able to “fish” the mailbox.

(The video, by the way, is posted by Architectural Mailboxes’ main rival, Epoch Mailboxes)

Security Mailboxes Can Stand Up To Vehicle Collisions

From the crime blog in Winchester, MA

“8:18 p.m. An officer responded to Lockeland Road for a report of vandalism. A man said he found his neighbor?s mailbox lying in the street and that he moved it to the side of the road. There was no evidence that a vehicle hit the mailbox, but it appeared the mailbox had been pulled from the ground. The officer informed the resident of the incident, and the mailbox was restored to its usual position.”

When buying a security mailbox, you have to consider quite a few things and figure out what is a priority, and how much you’re willing to budget.

  • Do you want the lock for basic deterrent purposes? Or to be able to withstand a real breakin?
  • Some security mailboxes, even with a strong lock, may not be built properly to withstand “fishing” attempts
  • Do you want the mailbox to be able to withstand the “elements”? Both human and natural?

In this case, for a mailbox to withstand even car crashes, the Architectural Mailboxes seem to be the strongest. Specifically in our research the Oasis Mailbox has owner reviews that have claimed their mailbox has withstood a car crash. Of course these are the most expensive too.

So keep this in mind, how much security are you comfortable with and what is your budget.

Happy locking mailbox shopping!